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景子来なば かたくり掘りにゆくべしと
空しく待ちて すごせし日ありき

カタクリ」草と人 水野葉舟小品集(文治堂書店)

Mizuno Yoshu
1883-1947 Meiji-Showa era poet, poet, novelist.
Born April 9, 1884. Debuted in 1939 with the poetry collection "Araragi" and the poetry collection "Light and dark -Meian-" co-authored with Utsubo Kubota. He has a unique position in naturalistic literature with his short stories "Slight temperature -Bion-" and a collection of small articles "Grass and People -Kusa to Hito". In 1918, he entered a semi-agricultural life in Imba-gun, Chiba Prefecture. He died on February 2, 1947. 65 years old. Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Waseda University. His real name is Michitaro. The pseudonym is Choro.

Source Kodansha Digital Edition Japanese Name Dictionary

​「カタクリ」草と人 水野葉舟小品集(文治堂書店)


Kotaro Takamura

1883-1956 Meiji-Showa period poet, sculptor

Born March 13, 1883. The eldest son of Takamura Koun. Under the influence of Rodin, he studied abroad in Europe and the United States from 1906. After returning to Japan, he produced sculptures and paintings, and participated in the "Pān party -Pan No Kai-" to present art criticism and poetry. 1942 Japan Art Academy Prize for the poetry collection "Distance -Doutei-". After the war, he pursued his own Self-responsibility during the war with the Renshi "Dark Foolish Small biography -Angu Shoden-". He died on April 2, 1956. 73 years old. Born in Tokyo. Graduated from Tokyo Fine Arts School (currently Tokyo University of the Arts). His real name is Mitsutaro. "Chieko Sho" for poetry collection, "Hand" for sculpture works, etc.
[Maxim, etc.] There is no road in front of me There is a road behind me ("Distance -Doutei-")

Source Kodansha Digital Edition Japanese Name Dictionary

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